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Red-Carpet Road Trip: Jessica Chastain

Our fashion market director hits the road with a carful of fashion experts to discuss the women making the biggest waves on the red carpet this year.

Released on 02/13/2013


(dramatic orchestral music)

Psst, come here.

It's Michael Carl from Vanity Fair.

It's award season baby, and we're going

on a red carpet road trip.

Come here, come say hi.



It's good to see you buddy.

Let's get in here and join me.

Come meet some of my friends.

(upbeat music)

Rachel Roy, what are you doing?


Look at me, I got this limo get on in here

and talk about some red carpet style.

Okay, okay five minutes. Alright.

So you wanna talk some style?

I'm gonna talk style and glamour and you.

Let's talk about some of the actresses

that are nominated for best picture,

I think it's a very strong cruise here.

My favorite is Jessica Chastain right now,

[Rachel] Love!

I think she's a true chameleon.

[Rachel] I loved her film.

[Carl] Oh my God, Zero Dark Thirty was amazing.

My favorite moment from Jessica Chastain

is the Alexander McQueen--

[Rachel] Shut it!

Gold and black. Me too!

Every step of that was just gorgeous.

But it's also hair and makeup.

Yeah with the shocking red hair, it mixed so well with it.

You can have the perfect most exquisite dress

and then go too heavy on makeup

or too forward with hair and just ruin it.

I often go too forward-- You do?

With hair, and too heavy with makeup,

it's a problem for me.

I was wondering what your thoughts were

on Jessica Chastain.

Her style I just think is so classic, old Hollywood glam.

Seeing her on the red carpet,

she always has a good choice of gowns of what to choose.

And she kind of reminds me of Jessica Rabbit.

With the red hair and being very like seductive,

she's very confident and I enjoy that the most.

What a perfect comparison,

I'm not bad I'm just drawn that way.

I say the best line's from that movie.

I mean I think Jessica really

has a leg up on everyone else,

she's got the best accessory, her hair.

Every time she walks into the room,

you know she's talented, but she also appears so elegant

and so smart, no matter what she's wearing

she really stands out.

[Carly] And she's got a body under there,

so she can play it up she can play it down.

She does have a body under there.

She does, she really has it all

and she's just kind of a great overall package.

What did you say the other day,

the secret about red heads?

The secret about red heads

and I really like that she owns this,

it's kind of ironic with the red hair she's not afraid

to stand out in a red dress, which I really like.

How do you know the secret of red heads?

I don't know, because I'm not one.


This is the secret, red heads can wear red.

Breaking news.

You heard it here first.

Have fun.


Well good to see you, thank you guys so much.

Starring: Jessica Chastain