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Jessica Chastain Is Tired of Waiting for a Female Superhero

The Oscar-winning actress, in Toronto with Miss Julie, says men and women alike are ready for a woman to take flight.

Released on 09/10/2014


Like, I don't want to wait any longer.

Come one, we need, like, female superheroes.

I'm Krista Smith and I am about to talk

to Jessica Chastain who's here with her film Miss Julie.

How many times have you seen this play done?

How many times have you done it?

How much did you want to do it?

I've never done it.

The first time I'd ever seen it,

I had any experience with Miss Julie is, I was, like,

20 years old and I found in a library,

a VHS tape of Helen Mirren playing Miss Julie.

(exhale of air)

(laughs) It was pretty great.

Wow. And so thus began my,

like, love affair with the play.

But, to be honest, for me it's all about Liv Ullmann.

Tell me a little bit about, I mean, she's a legend

and, like, what was that like?

She's such an important part of our film history

and such an inspiration to me as an actress

and y'know, first, when I got offered the role

it was like, Okay, do I want to spend two months

on a set with Liv Ullmann?

Yes. (laughs)

'Cause the stories will last me my whole life.

Well, the movie, and obviously the play

in the movie you guys switch it up,

it takes place in Ireland here and it's in English.

So, there's all this power struggle.

All that stuff that almost exists

without even anybody saying anything.


It's really interesting, the whole idea

of the dominant versus the passive,

or the ruler versus the servant.

And you have a slew of movies coming out now too,

other than Eleanor Rigby you've got Interstellar.

Yes, amazing.

How was Matthew McConaughey?

Oh gosh, he's like, he's just the coolest.

I mean, with him, what you see really is what you get.

It's like, he's like someone, I've never seen him stress.

A'right, a'rigth, a'right.

You think it's, like, fake, and then you, yeah.

No, and it's real.

He is that guy.

Who was, like, the only Oscar winner

with his own slogan, y'know?

I know!

(Chuckles) He's amazing.

It's so funny.

Have you seen Interstellar at all?

Do you--

I see it this week.

Wow. Okay.

I know no one can talk about it but I'm very exited.

I'm hearing very good things.

I'm excited.


I know I'm gonna love it.

Okay, so, I heard you also mention about the superheroes.

Jane Fonda said she was ready to go.

She'd look great on camera. Oh, how incredible

would Jane Fonda be!

I mean, I think we're all there.

I think also, like, a lot of men

that I've talked to are there too.

Let's see some incredible superhero women

and, like, superhero villains.

Yeah. Y'know?

That are women and, it's exciting.

Yeah, let's bring it on.

Bring it on, Krista.

Do you have a favorite Pacino movie?


But Serpico's the movie that I watch and I'm like,

Oh, I wanna date Serpico.

(Krista and Jessica laugh)

I'm so like, He's so dreamy in that movie.

And of course, like, in the seventies

there's always some kind of scene in a disco

and the way he's dancing, he's got his beard,

I'm all about it. Yeah, that look.

That look, all that hair.

What was he like to work with?

Oh my God, he was amazing.

He started my career.

I had Al Pacino as my acting teacher.


It was just like, come on.

For my first film it's pretty--

That's great.

It's great.



Starring: Jessica Chastain

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